Company introduction
Dalian is Corporate Services Limited is a set ofcross-border e-commerceforeign trade servicesandfinancial servicesand many other high-end services for the whole company.
Company platform based on the foreign trade services, a core of cross-border e-commerce, IT technology as a means to network, to international logistics services and information services as the driving force, foreign trade enterprises and cross-border e-commerce businesses to provide one-stop integrated solution. Power enterprises through cross-border e-commerce in foreign trade to build up their own international brand and sales channels, power standardization of e-commerce businesses to solve trade issues such as logistics, customs clearance, tax rebate, making the "electrical contractor, electrical contractor enterprise of foreign trade enterprises of foreign trade".
Days, through its constantly upgrade improved on existing platforms and services, based in Dalian, radiation three eastern provinces, through intensive, integrated network management, business checks, helps run e-commerce, planning production and logistics, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and strive for comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises increased and the region's foreign trade economic development contribute its own strength.

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Subsidiary companies

    Zhejiang Speedymanna business services co, ltd

Speed ultra Magnus is a business services company limited, Zhejiang Hangzhou Xiaoshan economic and technological development zone (cross border e-commerce) service outsourcing industrial park has a business services joint venture with Dalian build professional cross-border e-commerce service company.
Main business: company Dalian is a sophisticated cross-border e-commerce service platform, complemented by cross-border e-commerce service outsourcing industry Park, superior geographical environment and comprehensive supporting facilities for vertical e-commerce platform in the region, cross-border e-commerce vendor, cross-border e-commerce enterprises to provide one-stop integrated service solutions.

   Dalian Boehner Expo service co, Ltd

Beaune Conference and exhibition with international perspective to provide all-round, multi-angle tailored to customer business visits, international exhibitions, conferences, corporate clients, docking, a series of exhibition services. We participate in, meetings and exhibitions around the world for customers to build a bridge for communication and cooperation with countries around the world, assisting clients to find opportunities for cooperation.
Main business: business visits, international exhibitions, conferences, corporate customers and docking.

   Dalian TianTai trading co, Ltd

Dalian TianTai international trading co was established in December 2002, is located in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, Liaoning province. Dalian days professional traders in Thailand are in metal processing, focusing on products such as pumps, automotive, general industrial products import and export; industry experienced team of experts, proficient in ISO/TS16949 quality management system standard, through a rigorous program of supplier development, the science of process quality control to ensure on-time delivery. We have excellent communications, worldwide logistics provides door-to-door service to customers. Dalian Titan has come from the United States, and the European Union, Japan and other countries and regions to build a good relationship of cooperation, and look forward to working together with customer growth, achieve a win-win!
Main business: water pump, car parts, import and export of industrial products and other products.

Scope of business
Dalian is based on IT technology, Dalian international electronic logistics service platform, ERP systems, "every day starter" carrier platform for cross-border e-commerce and financial services, foreign trade enterprises from the market promotion, order, operations management, international service, financial services, data analysis, and a full range of one-stop service foreign trade service companies.
Dalian is to provide warehousing and logistics services, domestic and international freight forwarding services, cross-border electronic transactions and import and export of goods and services, technology services, management consulting services, business services such as management information systems solutions.