• In July

    The company branch in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Speedymanna business services company limited together with Alibaba, SF, Ocean Terminal, China (Hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental area the first batch of pilot companies.

  • In June

    the company strategic cooperation agreement with Dalian Neusoft Institute of information, "the cooperation between College and enterprise" officially launched;

  • In June

    June in China (Hangzhou) agency set up cross-border e-commerce • Xiaoshan Park, Zhejiang speed ultra Magnus is a business services joint-stock company is responsible for the "Park of Xiaoshan" investment, management and operation;

  • December

    December-owned subsidiary Dalian daily cross-border e-commerce service center completed docking with the customs data, became the districts of Dalian's first cross-border export clearance services platform.

  • November

    November in Dalian high-tech zone, cross-border e-Commerce Association

  • November

    November becomes Dalian Association Vice Chairman unit

  • September

    September joint venture Zhejiang speed extreme business services limited was established

  • August

    August United States Los Angeles overseas warehouse put into construction and operation

  • July

    July exports every day-pass platform again upgrade and facelift

  • April

    April day a warehouse management system BS online

  • October

    October cross-border express network query system

  • August

    August new export source for the platform every day on-line

  • May

    May day is Bank and Enterprise supply chain monitoring system

  • October

    October Dalian international logistics platform upgrade version V2.0 launched

  • August

    August days is enterprise information management software small business online

  • January

    January foreign trade enterprises ' comprehensive service system put into operation

  • September

    September Dalian international logistics platform launched

  • April 11

    April 11 Dalian enterprises service company established by the predecessor company restructuring