"Daily-store" is integrated service platform that is "Speedymanna" integrated cross-border e-commerce service platform for cross-border merchants provide order management, logistics, shipping, link the customs system "order release, summary report" process, payment settlement, tax rebates and financing. At Dalian, it is the first complex service platform for cross-border e-commerce.

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Service advantage

  • a、One-click download all transaction data for convenient and accurate
  • b、One-stop customs clearance, summary report mode
  • c、Complete warehousing and distribution to save the financial system, all electronic
  • d、Integration, logistics, costs, monitor the entire process
  • e、Extend the business services and finance to solve merchants needs


We have successfully established partnership with China post, EMS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS and many international logistics company


Speedymanna very easy

1Log into our website, register as member
Enter http://seller.daily-store.com in the address bar of your browser click on "service platform login" to register
You are already registered login and password, log in "Speedymanna", improve information.
3Approved by platform
After 2 working days "Speedymanna" complete review your information.
4Sit and enjoy "Speedymanna" quality service
Slowly enjoying "Speedymanna" provides quality and convenient services.